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The three-part PhD Power Trio Framework helps you finish your papers, courseworks and grant applications easier, always ahead of deadlines, and in higher quality.

Here's how:

1) master focus to enter flow state on demand

Deep focus is a cheat code in a world of distractions. Adopt a step-by-step, neuroscience and psychology backed system to work with laser focus. This helps you boost your creativity, work faster, decrease overall stress, and just turn your tasks into delightful experiences. Get more done and enjoy smashing those goals!

2) Build Habits of Steel to make predictable Daily progress

You are what you do every day. Eliminate bad habits and create new ones to crush your scholarly goals while maintaining undisruptable inner peace. Put in the work every day with ease, and say goodbye to last-minute panic during paper submissions! 

3) leverage Modern AI to Create science

The AI revolution is here and now – whether you want it or not. There are thousands of tools out there - some awesome, some not so much. This is not the time to fall behind. And we've done the work for you. Learn to use the best free or low-cost AI tools to publish killer science at a speed and quality you could not believe is possible.

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5/5! A disclaimer: I didn't just participate in the training but also bought it (the live version) for one of my professional development seminars. Energizing presentation and most importantly in a short time goes beyond just “how to focus”, into delivering critical lessons on how to start taking all this advice and putting it into action. If you’re looking to add something real-world useful to your workplace trainings, I warmly recommend hiring Simo!

Antti Niittyviita // CEO

I've watched part of this three times now. The first time I was going to just watch while doing other things - utterly failing at focus. The second time I took notes and lost them. The third time, I finished in one run and kept notes and screenshots. The idea of walking without headphones and smartphone is a great one, and the numerous health benefits from it are a great thing for focus, balance, and flow. The music tips Simo gives are going to be part of my experimentation in the coming weeks. The example of sushi, dessert, and then a hamburger is the opposite of my world, since I'll have a hamburger, then dessert, and leave the sushi. But the capacity limits play well into the ability of his behaviour equation. And finally, the dot is a great idea, as is the daylight. I have started opening my home office windowshade all the way when I start my day, and I think it does make a difference. n=1 and all, but if it feels like it's helping, it probably is. If you feel tedium in your life, or a lack of focus, or a desire to optimize your time (even compressing your work in the process), I'd recommend this course as an excellent, digestible, and manageable first step. You don't have to watch it three times, but maybe come back to it later for a refresher.

Robert Novak // IT Professional

A very informative and thought-provoking session. Instead of going for the questionable approach of telling you what to do to succeed in everything focus-related and become the "best version of yourself", Simo gives you concrete ideas to try out and offers perspectives on why you should care. Thanks to Simo's delivery and the way the info is packaged, the session has a good flow and feels personal. It keeps on being engaging even if the topics and sources discussed are already familiar to you. Give this one a try!

Sergei Kopytin // Development Manager

The PhD Power Trio Framework

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First Master Your Focus To:

Enhance Your Productivity: Focus enables you to achieve higher efficiency and accomplish more with the limited time you have. This is critical in the fast-paced modern academia.

Do Better Research: Concentrate deeply to ensure your attention to detail. This is key to producing high-quality work. And we all know how important that is, given all the competition.

Manage Your Time Efficiently: Never waste the limited bandwidth you have.

Maintain Personal Well-being: Focusing on one task at a time is key to a balanced lifestyle, making room for rest, hobbies, and family.

Then, Build Habits To:

Enjoy Daily Progress: Establishing habits and routines sets the stage for consistent productivity – every single day. 

Achieve Long-term Career Success: Consistent, focused work leads to a rock-solid track record of publications and other achievements.

Grow Professionally: A daily learning habit will expand your knowledge and help you develop academic skills.

Finally, Adopt Modern AI To:

Learn to Use AI Without Relying on Static Prompts: Prompt libraries are dead. Understand the best ways to use modern large language models in your work. The approach you'll learn will work in any field and for any research topic.

10x Your Literature Review Speed: Understand the scientific framing of your ideas easier, faster and just overall so much better with the help of ChatGPT and specific AI tools (revealed in this module).

Enhance your  Creativity: AI excels in connecting the dots you don't see. Bridge your work to ideas from other fields and society like never before.


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About Simo

Simo is an award-winning professor, Academy Research Fellow, and the first Finnish scholar ever to graduate under the Ph.D. scholarship programme of Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. He has published 150+ international, peer-reviewed scientific articles, acquired several prestigious grants, and leads his own research group.

More than anything, he enjoys learning and teaching various meta skills, such as focus, productivity and the use of out-of-the box tools for science!